about company

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Inspace is a technology consulting company that helps medium to large enterprises across the globe The company provides consultancy services in IT infrastructure, and application audit. Inspace aims to achieve optimal performance with the IT infrastructure and the core applications used by the organizations to help the industry focus on their core business needs. Inspace has ventured into a new business model where it wants to partner with clients and not principal companies. Inspace wants to help the clients to explore the power of technology and its applications that in turn helps in achieving optimal performance.

Our Vision:

Inspace is committed to offering IT consulting services to customers across the globe to ensure that technology orientation is a catalyst to growth in business and IT setup.

Our Mission:

Empowering enterprises through IT services for ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability by enriching relationships between people and technology, through enabling Digital Transformation to accomplish growth automation.

Our Team:

The management team of Inspace Technology possesses the professional skill set to adapt to any business structure and model thereby, enabling smoother work arrangements.