Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration basics

Cloud Migration is moving all or a few digital assets of an organization to a cloud platform. It involves shifting or moving applications, data, IT infrastructure, or IT tools from one cloud environment to another or an entire on-premises data centre to a cloud platform.

Benefits of Cloud migration
  1. IT Infra Elasticity and scalability

Cloud environment provides scalability and elasticity that helps businesses to manage IT resources that meet the changing demands of the business like storage, memory, and computer processing.

  1. Effective and Cost-saving:

An organization has to pay only for the resources used in the cloud. It is easy to use and maintain as it does not require experts to handle it. A cloud environment also enables the shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure.

  1. Security and Compliance:

Sensitive data can be stored safely in a cloud environment. Cloud providers ensure that security policies are as per the standards and in compliance with the expectations of the client.

  1. Performance, Reliability, and Flexibility:

Cloud environment provides many reliable facilities with cutting-edge technology. It allows users to quickly switch from one location to another.

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