IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services is one of Inspace’s hallmark services where a company’s IT infrastructure and IT operations are managed with suitable resources. The IT tasks are carried out based on the demands of the business. The allocated resources will be assisted by a senior consulting CTO and an Account Manager for maintaining the network, IT Security, servers, day-to-day IT issues, end-computing, and the presentation of IT reports to the management from time to time. The allocated resources can also coordinate with the vendors, principal companies, and ISPs for solving issues.

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring Services (RIMS)

It is the process of accessing and monitoring an industry’s IT infrastructure from a remote or offshore location. This process is cost-effective, time-saving, and trouble-free.

Modalities for Remote Sessions
  • IP Sec VPN
  • Dedicated Link
  • Service levels are client-specified
  • Covers local as well as overseas clients
Remote Administration & Monitoring
  • Remote DBA Administration and Oracle /SQL Monitoring
  • Remote DNS Management & DNS Services monitoring
  • Remote system Administration for Solaris, Linux, ICMP and other TCP/UDP port monitoring.
IT Infrastructure Consulting & Governance

This service ensures effective IT investment for the efficient functioning of the IT system. The IT consulting team will have a full view of the IT setup to plan and scale the IT infrastructure of an organization.

Inspace Consulting & Governance Differentiators
  • Vendor Independent
  • Client-centric IT Consulting
  • ITIL Certified consultants
  • Technology specific certified SME’s
  • Information Security Experts
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