Email Phishing Simulation

Email Phishing Simulation is the act of sending realistic but phishing emails to employees in an organization to test their awareness of phishing attacks. This simulation attack on one’s own employees helps organizations to create awareness campaigns and prevent online scams of confidential data through mail, advertisement, or text message.

Benefits of Email Phishing Simulation

Email Phishing Simulation is the best way to access the employees of an organization. Conducting an email phishing campaign will help in measuring the effectiveness of training with regard to social engineering attacks as well.

The report of this activity comprises the following information:

  • No. of phishing emails opened
  • No. of users who clicked on the link
  • No. of users who opened the attachment
  • No. of users who reported the email to IT Department

Email Phishing Simulation helps the employees of an organization to defend against cyber-attacks besides providing awareness on reduced security risk, and increased threat activity reports.

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